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23 March 2007 @ 01:27 am
A huge thank you to Carissa for being an awesome secret pal.

For my final package: I got alittle valentine chocolate heart box, a huge Lion Brand Pound of Love, a baby afgan patterns, and needles to make a blanket. I love it so much! You have been a wonderful and you truely made my horrible day so much better. :) Im sure my friend will love the baby afgan as much as I enjoyed knitting it. :)

Thanks again!
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21 March 2007 @ 08:24 pm
Just a quick shout out to my ljpal again. She sent me a little bonus package with surf board buttons for my little man, and a bunch of pretty mini post its, flower stickers and a mini deck of egg playing cards. Just to say Happy Spring, we made it through winter!
Thanks again Knitty Kitty aka Lacey, venutian_beauty.
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21 March 2007 @ 09:36 pm
I meant to post this a week ago, but didn't get a chance.

My last package arrived!
I got coffee, tea, some pretty yarn, a needle case and two feminist mags.
I'm begining to wonder if my SP has spy satellites up their somewhere. About a week before I got my package, I came across a bunch of old issues of Shameless at a local cafe and was impressed. I thought to myself "I'll have to track down a copy of this and buy it!". One of the magazines in my package was the most recent Shameless. The other mag was Bitch which I hadn't read before, but am enjoying too.

Thank you!!!!
And, by the way, who are you?
21 March 2007 @ 08:59 pm
I want to say a huge thanks to carakins for being my secret pal for this swap! I finally got my hands on my third package today (trials and tribulations of a country postal sorting office) and it was fab :-)

Inside I found some gorgeous chocolates (yup eaten already) a skein of sari silk (very excited as its something I've never tried before), a skein of gorgeous lacewight Colinette in a gorgeous petrol blue shade, a Marian Keyes book and some handmade stitch markers in claret and blue (for my beloved Aston Villa).

I have felt truly spoilt for the last four months - thanks again!!
20 March 2007 @ 11:15 am
A final thank you to Knit Pixie, aka prairiedaun, aka Corie for the final installment of secret pal packagey goodness. Just a little card with one of my favourite quotes "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step" (I keep gripping on to that when looking at daunting tasks), and a Starbucks card has put a smile on the fact of this coffee/yarn junkie.

I really enjoyed being your pal. I'm eager to start knitting up all the socks-to-be you've given me, and as you can see, I couldn't wait to knit some wristwarmers!

thank you!
19 March 2007 @ 11:32 am
Due to some confusion with packages and my Secret Pal being away at school, my second package was detained an extra-long time at her parents' house. In any case, it arrived last week and I opened it when I returned from overseas on Saturday. It contained a very interesting book called "Simple Knits with a Twist" which has some really amazing ideas in it. I'll probably be inspired to make some boudoir slippers when I finally get around to making Hush Hush (from Knitty). There are also a set of bamboo needles, some springy needle holders, a package of green tea (yum), a small sparkly bag, and an "aromatic reed diffuser" which I have never seen before but seems really neat. It has a bottle with scented IPA (rubbing alcohol) and several reeds. You stick the reeds in the bottle until they absorb a bunch of the scent and then turn them over so the wet ends are sticking out of the bottle, and they release the scent into the air. I can't wait to try it. Since this was supposed to get to me in December/January, there are also a snowman card and a Happy New Year crown, which I shall wear anyway even though it is March. :-D

Thanks Secret Pal!

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18 March 2007 @ 05:54 pm
My secret pal wasn't late and I got my package from her at the end of February with some time to spare if I remember correctly. However I wanted to wait till I had my camera to post here that I got the package and what was in it till my camera was back from being in India and China with my sufficient other. Due to losing the cord it has taken some extra time than I planned but I finally got my butt into gear and here I am!!

First I want to say Andrea (strange_muse) you have been a wonderful secret pal. Every package you have sent me shows that you really got to know me and my allergies, lol! I'll miss getting packages smelling like heaven (peppermint). Thanks so much, you have been an awesome secret pal!

Inside the reveal package I received was 3 balls of cascade pima tencel (50% pima cotton and 50% tencel) is a beautiful colour and super soft. I almost want to keep it for petting yarn but I think that these balls are going to become a pair of Fetching. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's book Yarn Harlot The Secret Life of a Knitter (I love this book and read it right away and will read it again and again), M shaped-sticky notes, cute dog card and a large bag of the yummiest loose leaf peppermint tea! I don't have time to post pics on flickr yet but I did post pics on my blog so to see pics please look here.
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18 March 2007 @ 08:01 pm
I received my last gift this past Thursday. Awesome stuff, THANK YOU!

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15 March 2007 @ 09:51 pm
Any idea when SP LJ 4 might start? :)
13 March 2007 @ 02:49 pm

I actually recieved my final package a week ago, yet due to computer and camera issues have not gotten around to posting about it yet. Even now, no pictures; the computer I'm on has no hookup for my camera. Think I can gush enough not to need some though.

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